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Jameson’s Irish Pub in Hollywood

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Okay.  It’s Saint Patrick’s Day and you’re out on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Where do you go to refresh?  Jameson’s Irish Pub and Sports Grill!

Bad jokes aside, Jameson’s Irish Pub is a great place to go for good food and drinks.  Especially if you love prime rib.  Jameson’s is into prime rib in a big way with at least a half a dozen items on the menu featuring the gourmet cut of meat.

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There are some rather unique items on the menu too.  Some examples are: The Reuben Spread which isn’t a sandwich but mouthwatering prime rib swimming in a gooey swiss cheese, sauerkraut and mustard medley, served with warm pita bread for only $7.50.  Not bad.  Or the Portable Mushroom Fries.    Their Bangers and Mash are a great comfort food and they even have a cabbage stew.

This is also the place to go if you love whiskey. Their namesake liquor is featured in over half the drinks on the cocktail list. The booze carries over to the food menu in their apple and Irish whiskey sausage.


There is a small sidewalk cafe area and large openings out onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame so you can watch all the attractions walking down the Blvd.  And take it from us.  You will find as many tourist attractions walking on the Blvd as there are built on it, if not more.

You’ll find Jameson’s Irish Pub on the Hollywood Walk of Fame just east of the famous Egyptian Theatre at 6681 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA

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