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Janice Dickinson, Still a Supermodel

I think the biggest concern of anyone that has established a career as a model is what will happen when they get older in an industry that is all about youth, physical perfection and even being exactly the right height.I’ve worked with Janice a couple of times and all I can say is passing sixty hasn’t slowed her or her career one bit.

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supermodel janice dickinson
Pin It! Janice Dickinson poses for exclusive photos at Beverly Hills Fashion Week

The photos in this post were taken during the Art Hearts Fashion Show in Beverly Hills, 2017.  Though I shot the runway show for a media outlet I work with, I was actually there only to photograph two people.  Janice Dickinson was one of them.

Back stage on a fashion week event is something no one could comprehend unless you have seen it.  Hair, makeup and wardrobe people are everywhere working with the models … as well as friends and fans and spectators all trying to work their way back there.  Janice was the only model that had a “private” dressing room.  All of the other models were jammed into one big room to get ready, or into the hallways.

Private or not, people kept pushing their way into her “private” dressing room turning it into a chaotic hub of activity until hotel security was posted at the door.  It was so crazy I thought the night would pass without my being able to get any photos of Janice other than on the runway.

The next thing I knew Janice was out by the press box and motioned to me to come down.  She said “Let’s do it” and we found a spot to get these exclusive photos.  She is a pro every step of the way, not only in terms of how she conducts herself as a model, but in terms of understanding everyone else’s role and helping them to do their jobs as well.

I will post a bio on Janice later with some photos I have taken of Janice on other shoots.  Back to the original point of this post, Janice hasn’t missed a step since she first began to appear on magazine covers in the seventies.  And though she moved on to reality TV shows and other work befitting a celebrity, she can still be counted on to be seen on the runways of major fashion events.

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