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Joe Collins: BLM Has Yet To Give Back To The Community

Totally-LA and #TruthMaverick John Strand caught up with Congressional Candidate Joe Collins at the Back The Blues Prayer Circle in Compton CA for a quick interview.

Unfortunately the interview was cut short when the prayer started, but Collins had some very powerful  things to say. He notes that while Black Lives Matter has raised a ton of money, they have yet to give back to the community in any way.  They have not assisted any of the families that have been victims of police brutality in any form.  Instead they exploit situations to cause hate and division.

Joe Collins is running against Maxine Waters for the CA 43rd District of South Central Los Angeles.  Waters has represented this district for over three decades.  It currently has one of the highest poverty rates in the nation, the 2nd worst rated schools in the nation and one of the worst homeless problems in the nation.  Waters has been named among the most corrupt members in congress by the liberal watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington in its 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2011 reports Collins believes the people of South Central Los Angeles are ready for a change.

The Back the Blues Prayer Circle was hold in support of the two police officers that were brutally ambushed and shot in Compton in September 2020.  It was organized by singer, songwriter Joy Villa.

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