Joy Villa
LA 2020

Joy Villa: If Madonna Can Say She Wants To Blow Up The White House, I Can Wear A MAGA Dress

In this heartfelt interview with #TruthMaverick John Strand, Joy Villa reveals she used to be on the left and became an outspoken Trump supporter when she saw through the hypocrisy.

Villa says that as the left continues to support and condone the Marxism, rioting and violence by BLM and Antifa that it should be obvious to everyone who is fighting for our rights.

Joy’s message is powerful.  This country is worth saving and something CAN be done about it.  She tells you how to do it in the video.

Interview was done at Saint Francis Hospital during the Back The Blues Prayer Circle that Joy organized in behalf of the two police officers that were brutally ambushed and shot in Compton California.

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