Joy Villa
LA 2020

Joy Villa Leads Back the Blue Prayer Circle for Police Officers Shot In Compton California

Singer, songwriter Joy Villa leads a prayer for the two police officers that were brutally ambushed and shot while sitting in their car on September 12, 2020 in Compton California.

The Back the Blues Prayer Circle was held on Constitution Day at the Saint Francis Medical Center where the two officers were treated. One of the officers was released the previous day, while the other remains in critical condition at the hospital.

Villa was joined by Pastor David Manila of the Open Gate Ministries, Jesse Holquin the founder of the #LEXIT Movement, and Congressional Candidates Joe Collins, Eric Early and Rhonda Kennedy. Villa prayed for the recovery of the officers, as well as to heal the nation and to eliminate the forces tearing our nation apart.

Be sure to watch for upcoming videos of the prayers and talks by the others present and some interviews.

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