Joy Villa
LA 2020

Joy Villa Urges Crowd to #WalkAway From Hate & Divisiveness at Rescue America Rally


Singer/songwriter Joy Villa addressed the crowds at the Rescue America Rally in Beverly Hills with a powerful message.

Though her bright red dress made her political favorite clear, she said #WalkAway was not there to tell anyone who to vote for.  Instead she urged people to walk away from the hate and divisiveness and to walk toward patriotism and unity.

Also see our video of Joy leading the crowd in the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance

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The Rescue America Rally was organized by the #WalkAway Foundation.  A true grassroots movement, #WalkAway began its life as a social media group created by Brandon Straka where members posted why they had walked away from the radical left. It grew into a nonprofit corporation.  Rescue America rallies are being held each week at different cities across America.  To see if they are coming to a city near you check their calendar here

#WalkAway has a major rally planned for October 3 in Washington DC

Join or follow the #WalkAway movement here

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