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Kitson’s Window Display Slams Pelosi, Newsom, Garcetti, Hunter Biden and More as Hypocrites

After a year of lockdowns, expensive and ever changing restrictions, a Beverly Hills store says “enough” and devotes its holiday window displays to highlighting the hypocrisy of the people that have destroyed our lives.

Kitson’s on Robertson Blvd devoted one bank of windows to “The Kitson People of the Year.”  The people of the year awards go first to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for targeting small businesses with shutdowns, while allowing large chain mega stores to remain open. 

The next award goes to Hunter Biden for his laptop and lucrative deals with the CCP.  Next in line is the one and only Karen whose public display of entitlement made her name a pejorative term to use on those who demands their own way at the expense of others.

The final and most deserved award goes to the one and only Dr. Anthony Fauci, the man that shut down America with his dire predictions of the fatality of the coronavirus (which never came true) and his ever changing “science” used to say we should not wear face masks, then must wear face masks, but then gets caught not wearing one himself!

The second bank of windows is entitles “Hypocrites of 2020.”  The places on this window go to Actress Alyssa Milano who advocates defunding police but calls 911 for a trivial matter.

The Queen of Destruction, Nancy Pelosi gets the next spot for ordering hair salons closed, then getting caught getting her hair done in a salon without a mask.  Worse, when caught, Pelosi accused the salon of setting her up and said they should have told her the rules.  It’s a sad day when the person that makes the rules blames others for not telling her of them!

She is followed by California Governor Gavin Newsom.  Shortly after Newsom prohibited all 40 million California residents from seeing family over Thanksgiving he was caught dining at a table with 22 friends at the expensive French Laundry restaurant indoors.  He compounded this bit of hypocrisy by then mandarin all California restaurants closed… except for one restaurant.  Plumpjack Winery. The restaurant he owns.

Seriously, Newsom should have a window of shame in every business in the state.  Once he declared a state of emergency for California (after only one coronavirus related death) he shifted over into the role of dictator. 

Under his one man rule, Newsom adopted new laws and altered old laws without any oversight from the California assembly.  His actions included letting dangerous criminals out of prison, shutting down businesses without any scientific justification for the action, and eliminating election safeguards that ensure the integrity of the vote. 

The final window goes to Chrissy Teigen for offering to pay $100k to help rioters and criminals get out of jail.  Considering that Newsom was already letting criminals go free, she probably didn’t have to spend much!

A drive through the posh shopping district along Robertson leaves one wondering why every store doesn’t have a similar window display. Thanks to the new lockdown order issued by Gavin Newsom just in time for the Christmas holidays, the usually crowded street is deserted.  Most of the shops are closed and those that are open have no customers.

America went along with the first lockdown, even though our better judgement told us it was not warranted.  But after nine months of lockdowns, restrictions and the resulting poverty our patience has worn thin.

Few believe the lies any longer.  The latest round of lockdown orders are being met with “not this time.”  People are demanding an end to the lockdowns and justice against those that have destroyed our lives.

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Kitson’s Hypocrites of 2020 Holiday Window Display
Kitson’s People of the Year storefront window

Video by Mark Stout Photography

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