Election Day Los Angeles
LA 2020

LA and Santa Monica Boarding Up For Election – It Should Be a Wake Up Call

As we show in the videos above and below, Los Angeles businesses are boarding up in anticipation of post-election violence and riots. It’s the wakeup call few noticed.

The events leading up to the need to board up our cities should have been a wakeup call to all Americans.  Our freedom is in jeopardy.  Our nation is being systematically destroyed.

But as preliminary elections results are in, it’s clear that California didn’t wake up.  Despite losing their jobs without warning, having their businesses shut down for months, having our “two weeks to slow the spread” expand to a nearly year long shut down for many businesses, to having businesses all across Los Angeles vandalized burned and looted by Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters, they voted for the people that are causing them the harm.

Either CA voters have a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome (a condition where someone that has been enslaved, imprisoned, or tortured by an oppressor will defend the person or group harming them), or they have been sufficiently gaslighted by the mainstream media that they honesty believe that this is all the fault of President Donald Trump.

Despite the obvious gaslighting on the part of the media, it’s still difficult to understand how anyone could fall for it.  It was the Democratic governors and mayors that ordered the most draconian lockdowns.  It was they that turned two weeks to slow the spread into a year long shut down.  It was the same that cancelled Independence Day, Halloween and are now telling you that you can’t have your family over for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Why would you vote for them?

It was the Democratic politicians that took a knee for the people that destroyed our cities.  They are the once that said in the face of such willful violence and destruction that we must defund and disempower our police.  They praised and encouraged the protesters.  Media anchors stood in front of burning buildings, or dodging the projectiles being thrown at them as they told America about the “peaceful protests.”  They told us the riots did not spread COVID, but that the MAGA rallies were of selfish people that were going to kill us all with their “super spreader” events.

I fail to understand how anyone could not see through the lies.  They were too obvious.

But according to the vote, if it is at all accurate, most of you did just that.

It’s time to wake up.  Time for some soul searching.  Time to ask yourselves how you could allow yourself to become fooled so badly that you could walk through your boarded up city and cast your vote for the people that made it necessary!

See the video of Santa Monica still boarding up on November 3rd in anticipation of riots below the break.

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