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LA Celebrity Spotting Restaurants: Little Dom’s

When you are planning your dinner around the hopes you’ll see a celebrity eating next to you, Los Feliz isn’t likely to be the first place you think of booking your reservations. It isn’t one of the celebrity hot spots everyone is talking about, but it is one just the same.

Truth is, Los Feliz was Hollywood before it moved to Hollywood. In the days of silent films, the big studios were all located here. A few of them still exist in the neighborhood, such as the Prospect Studios. And the neighborhood is home to Walt Disney’s first homes and studios.

In the hills north of Los Feliz Blvd are some of LA’s grandest mansions. South of it is Los Feliz Village, a rather vaguely defined area that seems to consist of the sections of Vermont Street and Hillhurst Avenue where all the cafes, shops and theatres are. The restaurants here may not be on Rodeo Drive, but they don’t take a backseat to the dining establishments in the big name parts of Los Angeles.

One restaurant where you could have a good chance of dining next to a celebrity is Little Dom’s on Hillhurst. Jon Hamm and Ryan Gosling are both said to be regulars here.

And if you don’t happen to see a celebrity, you won’t be disappointed. Little Dom’s is a beautiful restaurant with an old time feel, leaded glass windows, for an elegant American Bistro meets neighborhood bar feel. There are also sidewalk dining tables and, of course, great food.

Little Dom’s is located at 2128 Hillhurst Ave. If you happen to find yourself dining next to a celebrity, drop us a comment and let us know who.

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