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The Legendary Hollywood Improv is the second of the Improv Comedy Clubs to be opened around the country.

The first was founded in 1963 back east in New York City. At first is was a place where Broadway performers could meet after shows for coffee and chow. It somehow became known as a place where the Broadway artists would gaiters and hold sing-alongs in the late hours.

About a year later the first comedian appeared on the stage and the club’s roster evolved into a comedy format eventually becoming a significant force in the comedy world. There are stories of Jay Leno routinely traveling from Boston in attempts to get onto the state, and of Lilly Tomlin hopping into a limo nearby and demanding the driver drop her off in front of the club so she could make a proper entrance for an audition.

The Hollywood Improv was opened in 1975 at it’s location on Melrose Ave. The club was catapulted to the top of the comedy world in the eighties when the A & E Network began airing a show called “An Evening at the Improv.” It also marked the beginning of the golden days of comedy as it began to be piped into homes across the nation.

In addition to being the subject of the A & E show, the Hollywood Improv has also been a location used for a number of Hollywood Films and Television shows.

In current times, the Improv is the place to find some of the best comedy talent there is. Comedian that have appeared there include Jamie Foxx, Dave Chappelle, Jeff Dunham and so many more.

The Hollywood Improv Comedy Club is located at 8162 Melrose Ave.

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