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LA Comedy: Miss Kitty Fairlane Cleans the Forests for President Trump

Miss Kitty Fairlane is on a mission.  There will be no more wildfires in California if she can help it.  She saw President Donald Trump telling the nation that if we were to rake the leaves and clean the forests like the country of Finland does we wouldn’t have any fires.

There is of course that little difference that it rains almost constantly in Finland, where it never rains in Southern California.  But what the heck.  Let’s clean.

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So Miss Kitty knows exactly what to do.  Washing the trees in the forest with a little Simple Green and some other cleaning ought to do the trick!  After all, clean trees don’t burn! Right?

Comedy aside, the California wildfires have displaced thousands of Californians, destroyed hundreds of millions of dollars in property and have also left many animals helpless. This is no laughing matter.

If you want to help the victims of the California wildfires, here are some ways you can donate.

Update: Since we posted this, President Trump has ordered FEMA to cut funding to victims of the California Wildfires disregarding the fact most of the forest managements problems he names come under Federal forest management, not California forest management.  With our President cutting relief to wildfire victims, it is all the more important we do what we can to aid those affected by the wildfires in California.

California Wildfire Relief Fund

Help Animals Displaced by the Camp and Woolsey Fires

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La Comedy
Miss Kitty Fairlane cleans the forests for President Donald Trump

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