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Miss Kitty Fairlane Show

LA Comedy: Miss Kitty Fairlane Discovers it’s Tough to Be a Star

Being famous is enough to drive Miss Kitty Fairlane to drink!  She learns that being a star isn’t quite what it is cracked up to be and that she needs a bit more in life than Facebook and Instagram likes.

But being depressed about her fame isn’t stopping the show.  In fact she has enough “likes” and “followers” (but no cash) that we have given Miss Kitty Fairlane in LA her own show.  The Miss Kitty Fairlane Show.

Watch for the pilot episode this Thursday and for opportunities to increase your business by sponsoring the Miss Kitty Fairlane show.  Meanwhile, you can help us bring you more laughs by donating any amount of your choosing to the show using the link below.

Thanks for watching.  Stay tuned for opportunities to be in our show!  Please don’t forget to share, comment, like (yeah, we still like likes) and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Starring Joyce Westergaard as Miss Kitty Fairlane

Produced by Mark Stout Photography

Please help us continue to bring you the laughs you enjoy by making a contribution in the amount of your choice.  This is similar to a pay per view video on YouTube, only voluntary. The donation page will reference Mark Stout Photography.

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The Miss Kitty Fairlane Show

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