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Miss Kitty Fairlane Show

LA Comedy Show: Miss Kitty Fairlane Gets Fired

After working as a tour guide for Totally-LA, Miss Kitty Fairlane finally gets her big break.  A paid acting gig on a commercial at a big studio….

The hilarious comedy begins the second she steps into the studio.  It isn’t quite what she expected.  Not at all.  The product she has to make look good is less than appetizing.  And that stuffy director! Woah! Of course Miss Kitty’s additions to the script don’t go over too well.

Enjoy this funny video and please share the laughs with your friends!  They need a little comic relief too.

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Starring Joyce Westergaard as Miss Kitty Fairlane
Co-staring Marian Wright as the director

Produced by Mark Stout Photography

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LA comedy
YouTube comedy series, Miss Kitty Fairlane gets fired
Comedy show
Wait until you find out what Miss Kitty is advertising
Comedian Miss Kitty Fairlane takes over the show

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