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LA Comedy: Miss Kitty Fairlane Meets Elvira

Join in on the fun when Miss Kitty Fairlane pays a visit to Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and conducts some zany interviews with some of Elvira’s fans.

Cassandra Peterson got her start as Elvira in the early 80’s, hosting the Movie Macabre television in full Elvira getup.  The sexy Mistress of the Dark caught the attention of the right people and was soon cast in her own movie, “Elvira Mistress of the Dark.”  She quickly became the top icon of the horror film crowd and has never lost that standing.

Elvira was joined by her almost equally famous Macabre Mobile, a spooked out 1959 Thunderbird.

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Miss Kitty Fairlane with Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira Mistress of the Dark


Miss Kitty Fairlane with the Elvira Macabre Mobile



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