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LA Comedy Video: Miss Kitty Fairlane Takes a Wild Ride on Angels Flight

Passengers on Angels Flight aren’t likely to forget the day that Miss Kitty Fairlane hopped on board LA’s most beloved tourist attraction!  

It seems she mistook all the poles for the passengers to hold on to for something else!  Everyone wants to get into the act when we tape our funny videos on the streets and the passengers lined up to have their picture taken with her when we got to the top!  We just love it when that happens.

Thank you for all the love, shares and likes!  Miss Kitty Fairlane is gaining about 100 new subscribers with each new episode we release!  We promise to keep showing you the LA sights in the funniest way possible!

For more information on the historic Angels Flight Railway and how you can ride it when you are visiting Los Angeles click the link. It only costs a dollar.  No better tourist bargain to be found and, who knows, you might get lucky and bump into Miss Kitty Fairlane!

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Starring Joyce Westergaard
Produced by Mark Stout Photography

Passengers from Angels Flight take selfies after the ride
Miss Kitty abord Angels Flight


Comedy Show
LA Comedy: Miss Kitty Fairlane about to ride Angels Flight
Kitty Fairlane
Miss Kitty Fairlane at Angels Flight Railway
Miss Kitty Fairlane turns the passenger poles on Angels Flight into stripper poles
comedy show
Miss Kitty Fairlane waiting to ride Angels Flight

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