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LA Comedy: The Legendary Ice House Comedy Club

LA Comedy ClubsThe Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena is reputed to be the oldest comedy club in Los Angeles.  It is also the venue where many of today’s top comedians got their start.

The Ice House dates back to 1960.  However, it wasn’t strictly a comedy club all of those years.  Until 1978 the Ice House was a folk music club that frequently had comedians on the stage.  That changed along with the owners of the club in 1978.  The new owners changed the format of the club to stand up comedy.

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Everyone needs to laugh more.  It relieves stress and even improves health and the Ice House has certainly done its part.  Over 4 million people have been entertained at the Ice House.  The roster of famous comedians who passed through its doors reads like a who’s who in comedy.  So many in fact that the Ice House is considered to be to comedy what the Whisky a Go Go aka Whiskys on Sunset is to rock music.

Ice House
Jay Leno’s portrait at the Ice House Comedy Club

Notable comedians that have entertained at the Ice House include: the Smothers Brothers, Gallagher, Lily Tomlin, Pat Paulsen, Richard Jeni, George Lopez, Bob Newhart, George Carlin, Robin Williams, David Letterman, Jim Carrey, Jay Leno, Dennis Miller, Howie Mandel, Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Ellen DeGeneres, Garry Shandling, Sinbad, Bill Maher, Brendan Schaub, Gabe Kaplan, Paula Poundstone, Rosie O’Donnell, Cheech & Chong, Tim Allen, Paul Rodriguez, Dana Carvey, Joey Diaz, Arsenio Hall, and Joe Rogan.

The point here is that if you see a comic on stage at the Ice House, take note.  They might just be hosting a major network show in the near future!

The Ice House has a large main stage and a smaller secondary stage.  Dinner and drinks are available in the Comics Restaurant.  You can also order dinner to take to your table at the show.

See a short video of the highlights of the comedy show at the Ice House one evening.

Visit the Ice House website for show information, tickets and restaurant reservations.

The Ice House is located at 24 Mentor Avenue in Pasadena, California (it’s in the alley).

comedy club
Portraits of iconic comedians line the walls at the Ice House

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