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LA County Voter Guide 2020

Thanks to long quarantines, shutdowns and prolonged restrictions that still have the travel and entertainment industries shut down, we’ve had to change our focus from talking about all the great things to see and do in Los Angeles to the politics that have brought these conditions about.  At least for the time being (we would much prefer to tell you about all the beautiful things to see, do and experience in Los Angeles).

We have ended up at a large number of political rallies over the last couple of months and have spoken with and interviewed many of the candidates.  We won’t pretend this is a bi-partisan voters guide.  It isn’t.  These are candidates we have spoken with, worked with and trust.  That said, we’ve also found there simply aren’t any Democratic events occurring.  And when they have, no one has attended!

Here are some of the candidates we endorse, with videos of their speeches and interviews.

The first is Eric Early, a Republican running against Adam Schiff for CA District 28.  Early owns a law firm and was quite happy running his practice but decided he needed to step up to the plate to help undo some of the damage that Schiff has done.  He is one of the new breed of “politicians” running for office in 2020 that are businessmen, not career politicians.  In this interview with Eric Early, he brings up how the savages that have been destroying our statues, burning and looting our cities and even killing people in the name of “justice” are products of the education system that has been re-indoctrinating our children to hate the country in which they live.  He has positive solutions for fixing the system.

Early also speaks on the issues at the Beverly Hills Freedom Rally

Joe Collins is a Republican and a NAVY veteran that grew up in the district represented by Democrat Maxine Waters.  In the thirty years Waters has represented CA District 43 which is South Central Los Angeles it has become much worse in terms of crime, homelessness and poverty.  In fact, under Water’s guidance, it has the second worst schools in the nation, one of the highest percentage of homeless people in the nation, and some of the highest crime rates.

Clearly things won’t improve for the people in South Central LA if Waters is allowed to serve another term.  Thirty years is long enough to prove that she is incapable of doing the job.

In the first video with Joe Collins, he speaks of the decades long history of failure that is the political career of Maxine Waters.

Our interview with Joe Collins was cut short when the Back the Blues Prayer Circle event started, but he has very insightful things to say about the intent of Black Lives Matter the organization and how it is not actually helping black people.

Errol Webber is running against Karen Bass for CA District 37. He is one of the most passionate candidates running this year, supports small business and limited government, and wants positive change for California and the nation.

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While no candidate is endorsed, singer/songwriter Joy Villa has some very sound words of advice on how to determine which candidates are going to actually work to protect our rights.

Finally, we recommend looking at the accomplishment, or lack of accomplishment of the people holding the office currently.  For example, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters have devoted every minute of their time the last four years to attacking President Trump and blaming him for the conditions that exist in their respective districts.  Each Pelosi and Waters have over 3 decades in their districts.  Pelosi’s district in San Francisco and Water’s district in South Central LA have the by far the highest rates of homelessness in the nation and in fact account for the bulk of the total homeless population in the nation!  The homeless population has grown exponential in each of these districts during the three decades Waters and Pelosi have been representing them.  It doesn’t make sense to vote to give them another chance, does it?

Choose your candidates well.  Vote in person. Our freedom depends on it.

Videos produced by Mark Stout Photography for Totally LA.

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