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LA Featured Business: Stressed? Try a Massage

massage at farmers market

I’ve been neglecting the featured business section of Totally-LA a bit, but have decided to get it going more again.  There are so many wonderful small businesses in Los Angeles and I would much rather see them get the attention than than the huge conglomerates.  Small businesses are, after all, the backbone of our economy.

Today I met Terrance Harrison at the Los Feliz Farmers Market.  He sets up there most every Sunday morning until about 1:00 or so when the market closes.

I couldn’t resist a massage and he gave me one of the best I’ve ever had.  He paid close attention to what areas of my body needed work and whether or not the pressure was right.

When not at the farmer’s market, Terrance provides corporate on-site massage.  If you feel like your employees are a bit too stressed out, you might want to look him up!  You can contact him at his website, or drop by the Los Feliz Farmer’s Market and get a massage.  It’s on the corner of Vermont and Franklin in the Post Office Parking lot each Sunday.

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