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LA Painted Staircases: The Murray Stairs

One of the coolest, but for some reason less talked about, painted staircases in Los Angeles is the Murray Staircase, aka The Piano Stairs.

Artist Corinne Carrey has painted the 90 steps to look like the keyboard of a piano.  The staircase is almost directly across the street from the Micheltorena Stairs – also painted by Corinne Carrey – and beside the Ali Mama Cafe at 3229 Sunset Blvd in Silverlake.

Though the Micheltorena Stairs have probably made far more appearances on instagram (likely because they are more visible to those driving down Sunset Blvd.) we think the Murray Stairs are a bit more cool.  So cool in fact that in an earlier post, our friend Zeus Lee learns to play the piano on them in this YouTube video.

Check out both staircases while you are in the area, and stop in at the Ali Mama Cafe for a bite to eat while you are catching your breath after the workout.

Murray Stairway
3229 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Oh, you might also want to take a ride on the Swan Paddleboats in Echo Park Lake while you are in the neighborhood!

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