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The new thing in LA.  I’m sure it will soon become the rage!  Two wheel parking!  

la parking
Los Angeles: Parking on just two wheels makes it easier to cram into that space….

When it comes to Los Angeles parking, I’ve seen it all.  I’ve seen cars parked so close that they are touching the front and back bumper of the person in the middle.  I saw some poor man stand by his car near my house for over 8 hours hoping the driver of the car in front of him, or in back of him, either one, would come and move their car so he could get out.

I’ve seen where cars have pulled up onto the grass “parking” strip between the sidewalk and the curb and park on the grass (I don’t think that is what they meant when they named that portion of a person’s front yard a “parking strip”).  I saw one of the neighbor ladies going door to door to the houses, and then to the local businesses trying to find out who parked blocking her driveway.

Then we have the “stealth towing” where the tow trucks line up and wait for it to become one minute past the upcoming no parking minute.  And who hasn’t been gifted by the city with one of these pretty tickets on their windshield?

This guy apparently decided the solution to not being able to find a big enough parking space was to park the car on just two of its wheels.  I guess necessity really is the mother of invention.

All sarcasm aside, I do think it would be nice if people would take the time when they park their cars to see if they are blocking a driveway, or blocking another person in before walking off!

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