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LA Profiles: Our New Video Profiles of Important People in LA

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Aria Veach

This post, which features artist and musician, Aria Veach, is the relaunch of a project I started over 10 years ago.  

It was then called People That Make the World and was a series of video interviews/documentaries of people who through their actions were making the world a better place.

Economic pressures put an end to that project, but I have wanted to revitalize it ever since.  In recent months I have been working to make it a reality once again.  The same economic pressures are still there, but I have decided that sometimes you just have to do what you intend to do anyway!

I work with a number of artists and creative people in my daily life: musicians, actors, television personalities, singers, dancers, photographers and videographers, and those employed in creative professions (think the folks that create all those amazing animations you see in the movies).  But I also realize that artistic and creative people cover a much broader scope” from architects; to those who design automobiles, planes or even household appliances; to glass blowers and artisan bakers.  These are the people I find fascinating and want to tell the world their stories.

I also wanted to keep the project open to those who benefit the world through humanitarian endeavors.   Thus coming up with the category or title for the project was elusive.  I had several in mind, but it wasn’t until insomnia kept me up last night and I was surfing the web that it clicked.  What I am doing are profiles on the creative people that drive the world forward.  And for the time being most of them are in LA.  So LA Profiles was coined.

Eventually this will become it’s own website and YouTube Channel.  But for now it will live as a category of Totally LA and it fits well here for the time being.  I do have more people to feature in this project than you could imagine, but if you know of interesting people you think should be a part of this series, please contact me.

Aria Veach

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Aria Veach

For now I am keeping what I write about Aria quite brief.  When I release the video, you will discover the  dedication of someone who has lived music from the age of six and is combining her musical knowledge to bring something totally new to the music world with the release of her upcoming CD.

I met Aria while photographing a private screening for one of the models with Plastics of Hollywood agency.  There was a Baby Grand Piano in the space and Marcela Iglesias, the manager of the agency commented Aria could play.  I asked her to do so and was so impressed that I got her information and talked with her later about being a part of this project.

I believe when you see the video, you will not only learn more about Aria’s journey, but just how hard it is an artist works to present to you the beauty that you see, hear or experience… and why it is I have felt for so long this project needed to be undertaken.

I am saving the full info for the release of the video profile I did with her.  It is currently in post production and the expected release date is in a few days.

Please stay tuned for the release.  I think you will enjoy it.

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