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LA Profiles: Aria Veach, Musician, Composer, Artist

As I mentioned in the post announcing the launch of LA Profiles, my work brings me into contact with a large number of creative people.

 They are models, dancers, actors, producers, directors, actors, singers, musicians, composers, celebrity makeup artists, celebrities and more.  I’ve long wanted to tell the stories these people have that others ignore. Who they are.  How they got there.  What it takes…

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Aria Veach, musician

I’m telling Aria’s story first.

I met Aria while photographing a private screening of a show at the home of Marcela Iglesias, manager of Plastics of Hollywood which is both a specialized modeling agency, and the subject of a soon to be aired Reality TV show.  When Aria sat down at the baby grand piano and started to play I realized in an instant that here was a woman with talents that ran far deeper.  I asked her shortly afterwards if she would be willing to do this profile.

We follow Aria’s story of her musical journey beginning at the age of six when her mother – a famous concert pianist – insisted she not only practice long hours, but that she got each note perfectly – to where it has arrived today.  The depth of her musical involvement and education.  The twists, turns, and how the pieces of all the accumulated knowledge of classical music, modern and electronic music combined with a knowledge of technology has culminated into what could be a new musical genre.

Her story is one that anyone who has ever listened to music needs to hear.  Of the work and dedication, often lifelong, that goes into making that musical piece we later enjoy for a few moments.  Please listen.

Aria’s Official Bio:

artist bio
Aria Veach

Aria Veach is a Los Angeles based emerging artist and musician. While media has recently given her gender transition attention, Aria’s real talents are in her creative pursuits. Trained in classical piano and jazz trombone since the age of 6, she has competed at the state and international level.

She received All-State A+ rankings in the New York State School of Music Association (NYSSMA) for both instruments throughout her schooling and in 2005 was awarded the Eastman School of Music Award. While completing her undergraduate and graduate degrees in biomedical engineering from Cornell University in New York, she toured in concert with the university orchestra in Germany.

Aria has also joined different musical groups in the past, including a dixie team, a chamber ensemble, jazz groups, and wind symphonies citing her versatility as one of her major sources of inspiration. Today, while working professionally as a scientist she is also preparing her first album release which features her piano and trombone abilities, and also showcases her original electronic dance music (EDM) compositions.

She hopes to DJ, collaborate with vocalists, and perform live in Los Angeles soon.

Find her at:

Instagram: @AriaVeach
Facebook: Aria.J.Veach
YouTube: AriaVeach

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