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LA Profiles: Gwen Samuels, Artist

Gwen Samuels is a mixed media artist based in the Santa Monica Art Studios at the Santa Monica Airport.  She kindly took a couple hours out of her schedule to be interviewed for our LA Profiles section.Gwen tells us of her journey as an artist, how she creates her unique work, and has sound words of advice for other artists.

Her art is called mixed media.  Some of it is also called sculpture.  It’s also referred to by styles and influences behind her work.  I don’t think any of those are quite appropriate.  The finished artworks, the style and the type of work can only be called “Gwen.”  There isn’t anything else like her work to compare it to.  As Gwen says in the interview, she never worries about people photographing or attempting to copy her work.  It is so much a part of herself and the way she thinks that any attempt at imitation would not be authentic.  I believe this is true of anyone that has earned the right to call themselves artists but Gwen’s work is decidedly one of a kind.

Her work is inspired by fashion, architecture and design.  And she calls on a number of talents from her background in fashion and textiles, to woven art, sewing, photography and extensive world travel. Most of her current work is three dimensional or “sculptures” in which she hand sews together patterns from her photography printed on translucent sheets onto wire frames she has created representing animals, dresses and abstract objects.

As an artist, Gwen is very supportive of the arts, the artist community and the non profits that work with artists.  At the recent Venice Art Walk held in the Google Venice headquarters, Gwen worked as a volunteer for the show.  She also donated some of her work to be sold to help raise funds for the Venice Family Clinic.

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Gwen’s official Bio and her CV are available on her website.  Be sure to visit it for more information about Gwen and to see more of her work.

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