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LA Profiles: Patricia Ancona, Giving to Communities Through Art

In each episode of LA Profiles, we try to highlight people that are special in some way. They could be sharing information that people need, have interesting professions, or, as in this case be working to make some corner of the world a better place.

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We met Patricia Ancona at the Santa Monica Airport ArtWalk a week ago.  Patricia has made it her calling to travel to the villages in Mexico near the Aztec Ruins and sell their handcrafted artworks for the benefit of their communities.

Patricia returns the money earned from sales of the artworks created by the indigenous people in these villages to them.  Along with the inks and high quality materials they need to continue producing the work.  In doing so she has formed strong bonds with the families of those she visits.

The money returned to the communities helps them to provide the infrastructure they need to develop… without strings attached.  You can find Patricia working the various Art Fairs around Los Angeles.  Or contact us and we will put you in touch with her.

I’m alway struck by the realization when I meet someone like Patricia just how much better off this world would be if we had more people in it that had her level of compassion for others.

Video produced by: Mark Stout Photography

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Patricia Ancona, Giving back to communities through art


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