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LA Reopens: The World Famous Venice Electric Light Parade Returns

LA is reopening and it feels great!  The latest to return after a long three month absence is the World Famous Venice Electric Light Parade.

I don’t which was worse.  Having to stay safe at home or not being able to see the Venice Electric Light Parade!  Three months of not being able to take in this beautiful parade in the cool ocean breezes had me in serious withdrawal!

I first learned of the Venice Electric Light Parade by chance over a year ago at the tag end of a photoshoot I was doing on the beach.  Headed back to my car I saw hundreds of bicycles parading by all decked out in LED lights and asked some people what it was.  Unfortunately, my last photo of the day was taken too close to the breaking waves and one had engulfed me and my camera.  I tried to get some photos of it, but they weren’t usable.

I made it a point to go back and video the parade on their third anniversary.  You can watch it above.

The Venice Electric Light Parade hits the street again this Sunday, June 27th at Sunset.  The bikers meet up in Windward Plaza by the Venice Sign.  Usually they go down the beach path a ways and then circle around on city streets back to the starting point.

Bikers starting to gather for the Venice Electric Light parade on its third anniversary.

This is a great way to get out and get some space.  It’s also free so it will fit your budget if you are one of the “non-essentials” that hasn’t been able to work.  With the wide open beaches, social distancing shouldn’t be a problem.  I do ask you to be sure to wear your masks and social distance.  Whether or not you are concerned about the virus, we observed as the quarantine moved on that all it takes is one photo of people too close together on one pier in a newspaper to get them all shut down.  We want California to keep reopening and to be able to get back on with our lives.

I tip my hat to Marcus Gladney for for starting the parade.  It began when he decided he wanted to promote bicycle safety at night.  It grew to the point where hundreds of bicyclists with their bikes decked out in LED lights and often wearing costumes showed up each Sunday.  It has also been written about around the world and they never missed a Sunday until the COVID-19 quarantine.

If you want to join in the next Electric Light Parade but your bike isn’t decked out, talk to Joey Clemons at Custom LED Bikes.  See more at the Venice Electric Light Parade website and don’t forget to check out our fun things to do in Venice Beach post.

Background Music: Move Up to the Mountains by Aaron Lieberman. From the Youtube Free Music Library.

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