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LA Restaurants: Dinner on the Titanic Anyone?

If you sweetie is telling you that she would love nothing more than dinner in the glorious dining room of the old Titanic but you don’t know how to travel in time, you may be in luck.  Apparently the Titanic washed up to shore in Los Angeles…

Cafe Jack, a Titanic themed restaurant in Los Angeles was a labor of love.  Jack Shin, the cafe’s owner, loved the movie so much that he not only watched it hundreds of times, he built a restaurant himself… with his own hands… to resemble it. As you can see in the exterior photos, it doesn’t have the polish that most theme restaurants do, but it makes up for it in dedication.

Jack searched for materials that were like he had seen on the silver screen.  He found a captains wheel, engine order telegraph, piano and photos from the movie.  He completed building the restaurant and opened it for business in 2007.  This modern day replica of the titanic has a maze of private rooms, karaoke rooms, patios, snugs, and communal tables.

The menu is Asian Fusion: sushi, noodles, and pasta.  I’ve been told that Jack Shin also gives private psychic readings, but you must reserve these in advance.

The opening hours are not noted on the listing, but I’ve been told it opens late.  It does note that it closes at 1:00 AM.  You can see Cafe Jack at 508 S Western Ave in Los Angeles.  For reservations, call 213-365-8882.

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