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LA Restaurants: Fred 62

Fred 62 Restaurant

Among the unique restaurants in Los Angeles is Fred 62, a restaurant in the classic diner style with a funky retro-diner interior and sidewalk cafe.

sidewalk cafe
Sidewalk art at Fred 62 Restaurant

Technically it is in Los Feliz, 1850 N Vermont St. to be exact.  It’s part of a vibrant eclectic community of bookstores, artisan shops, small clothing stores, theaters and other restaurants that is probably the main draw to the Los Feliz neighborhood.

As with the entire neighborhood, you’ll see a clientele that is a complete mix of people.  Young, old, businessmen, movie stars, artists and producers.

On the menu you will find classic diner foods with a Fred 62 twist.  Eggs in a hole, avocado toast, pancakes, nachos, salads, ribs, chicken and more.

If you are visiting LA and at one of the major tourist attractions such as Hollywood and Vine, you head east on Hollywood Blvd a mile or so and make a left onto Vermont to check this place out.  And if Fred 62 isn’t quite your style, there are a dozen other restaurants to check out.  Plan on staying a while.  The area is full of quaint shops you will want to explore!

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