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LA Sidewalk Art

LA Street Art

Los Angeles has one of the most vibrant art scenes of any city in the world.  We are also known from our street art, from the graffiti on the side of buildings to the street art.

This one caught my eye as the artist seems to feel the same as I do about Facebook, Instagram, Google and the rest of the Social Media platforms, content providers and tech giants believing the content they profit from belongs to them and not the creator of the work. (A great example of this is when Yahoo started selling prints of ANY work shown on their image searches without so much as even notifying the creator, let alone paying them!)v  Apparently he decided his art was safer on the sidewalk than any of the social media platforms.

There is a quaint little business area around Vermont and Franklin with a lot of street art where I found this little gem.  Similar pockets of street art are all over the city and I will be featuring some of it as I find it.  Meanwhile, Kudos to this artist for the statement.

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