Camille Solari Stand Up Comedy
LA Comedy

LA Stand Up Comedy: Camille Solari at the Ice House

Highlights from the stand up comedy show by comedian Camille Solari at the Ice House.  

Comedian, writer, actress, Camille Solari is the creator and star of the new hit TV series CHARLIE,  which is available on Roku Television (35 million viewers). This is a coming of age single camera half hour comedy. One year old Charlie Dean and her dog Rocky solve neighborhood problems with the help of their animal friends; while her comedian mom (Camille Solari) experiences the perils and pitfalls of being a new mother.

Charlie has been officially selected to compete in the 2017 DayTime Emmy’s.

Camille Solari performed stand up comedy on The Arsenio Hall Show, which aired on CBS to over 5,000,000 viewers. Arsenio referred to Camille’s set as “Camille Solari and her Future Child” – with Camille doing a unique set on being 7 months pregnant in the land of the shallow (Los Angeles). The The Huffington post referred to Camille’s performance as “An inspiration to women across the country.”

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