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LA Street Fashion: SoCal Style

Mention Southern California and it will conjure up images of beautiful, active, confident, healthy laid back people living a Bohemian lifestyle on the beach while making a fashion statement.

The omnipresence of that image has to do with the fashion industry itself.  The Southern California lifestyle has been an inseparable part of the branding of fashion houses for decades.  This includes land locked brands like Hollister – which is headquartered in Ohio – brands that were born in sunny SoCal and international designers such as the Marciano brothers when they left France to start their new brand, Guess Jeans, in Los Angeles. Thanks to the massive advertising campaigns of all these designers, the California “look” and lifestyle are forever planted in the minds of most everyone in the world.

Men's fashion But it isn’t an imaginary world that exists only in advertisements and movies.  The reverse is true.  California creates the styles and the trends.  I believe the fashion campaigns are inspired by the life Angeleno’s really live and the grassroots street fashion the lifestyle has spawned.  It’s a free-spirited, carefree look with a touch of the funky Bohemian feel of Venice Beach, the fun carefree life of the beaches and the elegance of the red carpet.

Angeleno’s are style conscious.  As the center of the motion picture industry, the stars have to look great not only on the red carpet, but also when they are just out and about. They never know when the paparazzi will snap their picture and plaster it in the tabloids. And those of us that aren’t on the silver screen aren’t about to take a back seat in fashion to those that are!

Perhaps there is another reason here too.  One of self respect.  Angelenos also care about themselves enough to want to look good.

With that said, just what is the California look?

It’s as individual as the people who live here and the occasions they dress for.  It can be the Haute Couture worn on the red carpet and the high society balls, or the string bikini on the beach.  Or, as we depict in the video above, it can be strolling barefoot in a suit along the water’s edge on the beach, or taking in the beauty of the beautiful Venice Canals in shredded designer jeans.

It’s what looks and feels right to you. It’s dressing to be the statement you want to make at the moment.  It’s being not afraid to be YOU.

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Video produced by Mark Stout Photography
Model: Charles McKay
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