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LA Urban Legends: Paranormal Experiences at the Vogue Theatre

As LA Urban Legend has it, the Hollywood Walk of Fame has got to be one of the most haunted places on earth!

We have the ghosts of Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift and Shirley Temple floating around in the Roosevelt Hotel.  The Pantages Theatre has three ghosts as well including a former patron that died in the mezzanine during a performance, Howard Hughes and Alexander Pangages!  Sam Warner, one of the Warner Brothers of Warner Brothers films still hangs out at the Hollywood Pacific Theatre.  The Avalon and the Knickerbocker also have their share of people that loved the places they never left… even after death.

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Vogue Theatre Los Angeles
The Haunted Vogue Theatre. Pin it for your friends.

At the Vogue Theatre, over 4000 people have claimed to see ghosts!  The hauntings, ghosts and paranormal activities apparently became too much for the theatre audience.  It was then used by psychics to put on live psychic performances for audiences but even this otherworldly group found that the ghosts that still occupied the space were just too much to compete with. The theater now sits empty.

Entire audiences of over 600 people were said to have witnessed a ghostly little girl skipping up and down the aisles, and at least seven different entities have been identified here. One of them has been given a name, Fritz.  Fritz haunted the projection room, and was said to take care of switching the film reels when the living projectionist fell asleep.

History of the Vogue Theatre Hollywood

The Vogue Theatre opened on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Las Palmas Ave on July 16, 1935.  It was designed by noted theatre architect S. Charles Lee and had a seating capacity of 897.

The Vogue Theatre was run by Fox West Coast Theatres.  It was upgraded in 1959 to the plans of architects J. Walter Bantou & J. Arthur Drielsma. Mann Theatres took over in the early-1990’s. In 1995 it closed.

It was then used as a theatre for psychic performances, but as we mentioned before the psychics apparently couldn’t handle the competition from all the resident spooks and ceased operations. In December 2001, the interior was stripped and the theatre fittings sold off.

The Vogue Theatre became a live performance space named the Supper Club in 2009.  It was closed in  October 2015 and it served only as a home for disembodied souls until the spring of 2018 when it became an auction house for selling Hollywood film props.

Currently the Vogue Theater is the home of ScreenBid.  As they say on their website: “Screenbid is the ultimate destination for fans of TV and film who want to bring a piece of Hollywood home. With Screenbid, you can own pieces of your favorite movies and TV shows through regular auctions hosted here on the site. Props, wardrobes, set decorations and other iconic items—once they were on screen, and now they can be in your home.”

This is good news for our urban explorers.  Not only can you stop in at the old Vogue Theatre to see if you might catch a glimpse of a ghost, you can look at all of the movie memorabilia that will be going on auction soon.  (note: ScreenBid is an online auction house, but it does appear you can go inside if you are in the neighborhood.)

The Vogue Theatre and ScreenBid are located at:
6675 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90028

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