Lance Bass, Rocco's WeHo, LA Pride Brady Bunch House

Lance Bass, Rocco’s Tavern WeHo, LA Pride and the Brady Bunch House

Former NSYNC band member Lance Bass certainly has the media circling around him of late.  And the events that caused it have come full circle for him too

NSYNC band member Lance Bass is co-owner of Rocco’s… on the LA pride parade route

The first of these was his bid to buy the Studio City house that was used for the exterior shots in the hit TV Series The Brady Bunch.  After Bass posted his elation that he secured the winning bid for the home on social media, he was informed that HGTV bought the house out from under him for a whopping $3.5 million or so… a staggering price given the size of the home and neighborhood!  But don’t feel too sorry for Bass.  He gets the sweet end on this deal in the end!

The house seems to attract actors, actresses, producers, celebrities and producers.  Our own Miss Kitty Fairlane couldn’t resist the opportunity to go to the Brady Bunch House and do her own comedy performance at the house while the bidding wars were going on!

Meanwhile Rocco’s WeHo location just opened this May and we’ve learned Bass is a part owner of the restaurant.  Lance Bass was a regular customer of Rocco’s Studio City location where he approached Rocco’s co-owner Roger Toussaint regarding a partnership.

Rocco’s WeHo is destined to have a smashing opening month.  LA Pride week kicked off May 31 and runs through June 9.  The actual Gay Pride Parade takes place in WeHo June 8th from noon to 1:00 am and June 9th from 11 am to 11 pm

The parade begins on Sunday June 9th at 11 and runs until 2 pm.  The route is along Santa Monica Blvd from Fairfax to La Cienaga… right past Bass’s new restaurant.


If you are headed down to L.A. Pride, for the parade or any other reason, we do recommend you check out Rocco’s as a good watering hole while you rest.  It looks like there is a good view of the parade route from an upper level patio. And the place is decorated in art created by Bass’s husband.  You can see the art and interior at Rocco’s in this video over at LA Weekly.

As for feeling sorry for Bass about losing his bid on the Brady Bunch House, don’t.  The house was bought by HGTV who created a new (yet to be aired) series in which the former Brady Bunch cast all work in turning the house into what appeared to be the interior of the house on the series (all interior shots of the series were actually filmed in a studio).  This has involved adding a second story and much more.  According to People Magazine, outcry from Bass’s fans landed Bass a role helping to produce the new series.

Poor Lance.  Life couldn’t get much tougher for him could it?

Seriously though, we applaud his success and wish him much more of it.  And if you want to check out his new restaurant, Rocco’s in WeHo, it’s located at 8900 Santa Monica Blvd.  On the corner of Santa Monica and San Vicente where the rainbow crosswalks are.

More photos after the break…

Brady Bunch house while it was on the market. Lance Bass lost the winning bid to HGTV on the final hour


Miss Kitty Fairlane performing a comedy routine at the Brady Bunch house while it was under contract to Lance Bass


Gay pride flags on Santa Monica Blvd in readiness for LA Pride


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