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LA Theatres,  Los Feliz - Silverlake

LA’s Grand Neighborhood Theaters

Anyone that thinks that Netflix, Hulu and other online movie streaming services have rendered the movie theatre obsolete has not been to Los Angeles.

I’m not talking about the big chains like AMC or Regal Theaters.  I’m referring to the vintage neighborhood theaters that still pack full houses.  The offer a charm and a feeling of intimacy that just can’t be founding the large chain theaters.

The Los Feliz Theater on Vermont at Russell Avenue always has a line at the ticket booth.  The same with the colorful Vista Theater at 4473 Sunset Blvd.

The City of Angels is full of these cool theaters.  After all most of the movies were made here in the first place.  We are definitely a city of film buffs.  The neighborhood theaters are part of the mystique that makes LA special and something you want to make sure you take advantage of.

I will be posting more of them as I get around to photographing them.  Note: all photos on this site were taken by us.  We do not simply steal other people’s images from the web.

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