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Lockdown 2.0: How the Grinch Stole Christmas in Los Angeles

2020 is the year the Grinch Stole Christmas.  But the Grinch isn’t the green monster out of the Dr. Seuss children’s story.  The Grinch of 2020 wears a white lab coat or a suit and says he is here to protect us.

On November 23rd, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that restaurants would once again be restricted to take out and delivery only.  The limited outdoor dining that was permitted when the initial Stay at Home COVID-19 quarantine was relaxed would no longer be permitted as of the day before Thanksgiving.

Edit: On December 3, 2020 the day after this post went live Los Angeles put the city under full lockdown once again.  Here is a quote from CBS regarding his latest order: “The order, which went into effect immediately, calls for all residents of the city to remain in their homes and businesses to cease operations that require in-person attendance by workers at a workplace… All travel, including travel on foot, bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, automobile or public transit is also prohibited by the order.

Edit: December 4, 2020: CA Governor Gavin Newsom extends the stay at home order to the entire state.

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That was a very upsetting holiday greeting to hand to restaurant owners and their employees.  Also, considering most of the restaurant employees used up their unemployment benefits during the initial lockdown and eviction protection mandates end in December it couldn’t have been more upsetting! Instead of having a fun Christmas with friends and family, many could end up living on the streets.

Olvera Street, a top tourist attraction has been deserted since March

Sadly, the madness didn’t stop there.  On Black Friday Mayor Garcetti announced that Los Angeles County was being ordered back into full lockdown on the following Monday.  While as of now it isn’t quite as drastic as the initial lockdown that began in March, it will destroy the chances any small businesses that survived the first lockdown of being able to remain in business.

Black Friday is the day when holiday shopping takes most retail businesses from operating in the red to starting to turn a profit.  Instead of recovering from the losses of the first lockdown the new mandate will drive them deeper into debt.  The most profitable period of the year has been stolen from them. More people will be out of work.  More businesses will close their doors forever.  More people will lose their homes.

We’re being told this is happening because “selfish people” didn’t do their part.  They didn’t stay home.  They didn’t wear their masks.  

That’s a lie. As you can see in the video above, the streets of Los Angeles were deserted.  The stores – and everything else – were closed.

What’s has actually happened in 2020 is considerably different from what the media has told us.

LA quarantine
Los Angeles Harbor Freeway completely deserted during quarantine.

On February 26th, the San Francisco mayor declared an emergency due to he virus which greatly expanded her authority.  San Francisco had zero cases at the time.

On March 11 2020 Los Angeles County had one death attributed to the virus.  It was the first.  Governor Gavin Newsom immediately ordered the states 40 million residents to avoid crowds, sporting events, concerts etc.

One person out of forty million had died.  That prompted the chain of drastic and unconstitutional actions that followed.

March 12th, Disneyland is closed.

March 15th Newsom ordered all bars nightclubs and wineries closed.

March 16th all gyms,  movie theaters, entertainment centers, schools and restaurants are ordered to close.  Restaurants can open for takeout and delivery only.

March 17th, all courts close.

Spacious outdoor campgrounds where there is very little risk of spreading the virus are closed the following day.

Then on March 19th Newsom did the unthinkable.  In complete violation of our Constitution, all forty million California residents are ordered to stay at home.

We were told it was just for two weeks to slow the spread.  To give the hospitals time to prepare for the millions of sick people that would overwhelm them.  While I doubt there was anyone that didn’t think our government was grossly overreacting, we decided we could endure two weeks to help stop the pandemic.  Two weeks became several months.  The lockdown wasn’t eased until late June and even then many businesses were still not allowed to reopen.

At first the beaches remained open.  But media reports of massive crowds flocking to the beaches resulted in the beaches being shut down on March 23.  Those reports were false and many relied on stock photos taken at earlier times to show crowds.

LAX quarantine
Los Angeles International Airport deserted during quarantine

I filmed the beaches at the time the overcrowding was said to occur.  As you will see in the video above, they were nearly deserted.  There was NO overcrowding.

On April 7th Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti mandated wearing face masks.

Media reported horrifying stories of overwhelmed hospitals.  One account talked of long lines of sick people in the overflow tents at the hospital near me.  I went by day after day and filmed it.  It was deserted. I spoke with the woman that scheduled nurses at a downtown Los Angeles hospital.  She said she was actually putting nurses on short hours and about 1/3 of the nurses were laid off entirely.  “Routine” hospital visits had all been cancelled to make room for the millions of coronavirus patients a computer modeling program said would occur. But enough coronavirus patients never arrived to keep the hospitals busy.

Our Convention Center was converted to a massive field hospital at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars.  It never treated a single patient. The US Navy Mercy Hospital ship with a staff of 800 medical personnel was brought to Los Angeles Harbor.  After 2 months it departed, having seen only a few patients.  During that time our hospitals never came close to capacity.  In fact they were laying off nurses.

During the months of the initial lockdown, Los Angeles looked like something out of the Apocalypse. The airport, train and metro stations were deserted. Businesses were shuttered.  Tourist attractions were empty. The streets were deserted.

Angelenos were staying home.  We were doing our part.

I saw it.  My own eyes observed it.  I filmed it.  Yet the media constantly reported the lockdowns didn’t end because everyone didn’t do their part!

That’s a lie.

California was the first state to lock down.  It did so after one out of 40 million California residents died of the virus.  It had the strictest lockdowns and was the slowest to reopen.  According to Google maps data, Californians also complied with lockdown orders better than any other state.  Yet according to a July 22nd article in Forbes, California had the highest number of cases once the initial stay at home order ended.

Clearly the lockdown didn’t work.  Or the cases, which were used to shut businesses down again, were fictional.

Many businesses didn’t survive the shutdown.  For lease signs began to appear everywhere.

Broadway Theatre Disrict
Los Angeles Historic Broadway Theatre District abandoned during quarantine.

As Los Angeles began to slowly reopen the businesses that survived had to endure a never ending roller coaster of reopening at great expense only to be shut down again. Rather than being able to start climbing out of the massive debt they incurred, the repeated reopening and closing drove them deeper into debt.

Though the lockdowns were relaxed a bit, social distancing, mask and reduced capacity mandates never rally ended after our two week shutdown to “slow the spread”. Now the world is now moving into Lockdown 2.0.   

The lingo has changed.  Two weeks to slow the spread became flatten the curve.  Now it’s stop the surge.  But the agenda is the same.

Near the election, new free testing centers erupted all over Los Angeles. People were getting tested in record numbers.  It’s a well known fact that the test is prone to producing false positive results.

The media is reporting positive test results.  Not new cases.  Not how many people are actually getting sick.  There’s a difference.  A big difference.  Mainstream media also isn’t reporting how much the deaths have gone down.  It’s also completely ignored the pesky little fact that as more people are tested we learn that the death rate from the virus shockingly minute.

These little facts that contradict the narrative are omitted.

Despite our efforts and sacrifice, Los Angeles announced on November 23 2020 that all outdoor dining at Los Angeles County restaurants would be prohibited.  It would go in effect the day before Thanksgiving.

Statewide Californians were told they could not spend Thanksgiving with their families. People arriving in Los Angeles by train or air had to sign a form saying they agreed to quarantine for 14 days, effectively ruining their plans for Thanksgiving with family.

Just like back in March when it all started, the restrictions grow each day.   On Friday November 27th, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the city will be going under full lockdown again on Monday.

Just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

How many business will be able to survive this final blow?

When the initial lockdown occurred, many alert people spoke out and said it was a violation of our Constitutional rights.

It is.

They warned that if we permitted our politicians to get away with it then, they would do it again.

They did.

Regardless of what we’re being told, the restrictions that have been placed on us have done nothing to slow the spread of the virus.  Had they done so they would not be locking us down again would they?

At this point it’s obvious the lockdowns and restrictions ushered in by the United Nations, our medical authorities, and our politicians only made things worse.

We have to conclude that’s what they intended all along.

Through manufactured fear, they obtained our consent to steal our rights.  Without our consent they could not have done so.

They’ve made it quite clear they will continue to abuse our rights as long as we allow it.

How long will we let this continue?  Isn’t it time we said enough is enough?

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