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Los Angeles Fashion Week Guide

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Fashion Week in Los Angeles is a biannual event, occurring in March and again in October. There are shows put on by multiple show producers at high end venues throughout greater Los Angeles.  
Truthfully, I would have to say Fashion Week in LA lasts longer than a week.

Art Hearts Fashion Photo: Mark Stout

During Fashion Week this past March I photographed the Art Hearts Fashion Show at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills  for one of the major newswires.  That show spanned several days and other shows were running consecutively.  The photos in this post were taken during that show.

Originally the City of Los Angeles named the third weekend in March and October to mark the beginning of Fashion Week.  However, independent event producers have been moving their activities to coincide closer with LA Fashion Market Week.

The LA Fashion Market is the West Coast’s premier destination for contemporary fashions.  The market hosts various tradeshows that highlight both established and up-and-coming designers. Both the Market and the LA Fashion District host numerous events per year.  With thousands of brands participating in the LA Fashion Market Week, this is the place for buyers to discover new brands and create new shopping experiences.  LA Fashion Market Week takes place at the various designer showrooms in the district.  This year the Fashion Market activities run from October 9 to October 12th.  More info can be found on the LA Fashion District website.

Since the late 1990s, Fashion Week has been represented by a community of L.A. fashion producers, designers, journalists, and marketers.  While key events take place at large venues showing the work of multiple designers, other designers chose to show their collections in unique off site venues such as nightclubs, private estates, train stations, churches and lofts.

The main productions actively producing multi-brand runway shows are: LA Fashion Week (LAFW), Art Hearts, Style FW, & FWLA. However, with the independent productions as mentioned above fashion related events will be popping up all over Los Angeles any day now.  We are going to provide you links to as many as we can here, but do your own searching.  LA is about to become all about fashion in a big way.

Major Fashion Week Producers:

LA Fashion Week Photo: Mark Stout

LAFW‘s events begin on October 4th and run through October 8th.  For a list of fashion designers participating and more info, visit their website at:

Art Hearts Fashion events run from October 5th to 8th.  For a list of Fashion Designers, more info, location and tickets visit their website at:

Style FW events are running from October 11th through October 15, 2017 at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.  For a list of fashion designers participating, tickets and more info visit

FWLA‘s website was not functioning at the time we wrote this post, but the website should be

Other major Fashion Week events include:

Metropolitan Fashion Week at the Original Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax.  This one couldn’t be at a better venue!  See our video of the Original Farmers Market.  It kicks off September 28th and runs through October 5th.  Click here for tickets and info.

A related event, Hollywood Fashion Food and Film Event on October 4th.

Ode to Fashion Week in DTLA on October 10th

Africa Fashion Week, October 14th and 15th

Delise’Ana Los Angeles Fashion Week Installation Showcase, September 30th, DTLA

For events related to the LA Fashion Market Week’s events, visit the LA Fashion District website.

A fairly comprehensive list of Fashion Week events and tickets can be obtained at Eventbrite.


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