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Los Angeles Mayorial Candidate Alestar Van Mater Speaks at Political Rally

Los Angeles mayorial candidate Alestar Van Mater speaks at the weekly Beverly Hills Freedom Rally on August 15, 2002.

Van Mater speaks on the staggering increase of homelessness in Los Angeles and the failure of our current administration to address the problem. In fact the homeless population grew by 16% last year and will increase by another 50% this year if it is not addresses with workable programs. He also speaks to the need for us to DEFEND our police, not defund them.

Also see the video below where Chris Proffit interviews Van Mater more in depth.

Not a career politician, Van Mater is a businessman that has seen the problems Los Angeles is currently facing and decided to step up to the plate to once again make Los Angeles one of the greatest cities in the world. Follow Alestar Van Mater on Facebook at or visit his website.

The popular Beverly Hills Freedom Rallies occur each Saturday at 3:00 PM at Beverly Gardens Park at the Beverly Hills Sign. Santa Monica Boulevard and Rodeo Drive.

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