farmers market
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Los Feliz Farmers Market

FArmers Market

Each Sunday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM the parking lot of the Los Feliz Post Office plays host to the Los Feliz Village Farmer’s Market.  

As a note, Los Feliz Village is a section on Vermont Street running south from Franklin almost to Sunset and it’s lined with hip restaurants, artsy shops, theaters, bookstores and sidewalk cafes.  But when you Google it, the searches seem to lead to an apartment complex.

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farmers market
Farmers Market

The Los Feliz Farmer’s Market will be found just south of Franklin on Vermont St.  Just past the House of Pies.  With only about 25 vendors, it is one of the smaller Farmer’s Markets in LA, but what it lacks in numbers of vendors it makes up for in friendliness, both of the vendors and those who frequent the market.

The vendors I spoke to are long time regulars here.  Among them are Divine Harvest Farms, Brother’s Products (with some of the best pita chips and spreads you can imagine). Lorea Farm & Fresh Farm, La Bahn Ranch, Me Gusta Gourmet Tamales, Rocchio Family Roasters and Mami Jolly.  There is also a Gastrobus food truck there each Sunday. You will find a selection of fresh veggies, fruits, berries and also prepared foods such as breads, hummus and spreads, jams and jellies, etc.

Shoppers at the market tend to be locals.  I suspect many of them have been out for the morning at one of the attractions in the Los Feliz Village (House of Pies, Good Greek Grill, Vista Theatre, Figaro Bistro, Skylight Books, etc) and they are all friendly and willing to chat for a moment.

Los Feliz Farmers Market
Fresh produce at the Los Feliz Farmer’s Market




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