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MAGA Dancing and Fun at the Beverly Hills Freedom Rallies

Motorists driving down Santa Monica Boulevard through Beverly Hills on Saturday afternoons are taken aback by the sight of hundreds of American Flags, Trump Flags and signs calling to reopen our city, support our police and to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom. Oh yes, and the sound of horns! Everyone is honking and giving the thumbs up to the “protesters”.

It isn’t quite what anyone expects to see in the posh, formerly Democratic neighborhood.  People of all races, religions and sexual orientations coming together to have fun – LOTS of fun – supporting our country, police and president.

To anyone passing by it appears that the predominately blue community has turned red.  And it has.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about it is that this was all because of one woman, a dance instructor who lives in Beverly Hills named Shiva Bagheri.

Bagheri narrowly escaped Iran when it was overthrown by a communistic regime and saw the same happening here in 2020.  She saw through the lies espoused by the Democratic party.  How the lockdowns have more to do with erasing Constitutional Rights than protecting our health and the “peaceful protests” of BLM that the Democratic Party encourages and condones are an effort to create chaos and to divide and conquer us.

She saw too many parallels between what happened during the overthrow of her country and what is happening here and decided to do something about it.  The Beverly Hills Freedom Rallies have been happening every Saturday for months now and will continue through the election.

The Beverly Hills Police Department placed barriers to divide the location into two halves.  One for the Freedom Rallies and the other for the Black Lives Matter protesters that came in an effort to stop the rallies and show support for Biden by spewing hate.  After showing up one or two times, the BLM protesters realized they couldn’t compete with the joy and enthusiasm generated by the patriots and stopped coming.  The side of the park reserved for BLM now remains empty week after week.

Regardless of your political affiliation, we highly recommend you make it a point to attend one of the Freedom Rallies to check out the experience.  It’s one you will never forget.  And if you ever feel like “What can I do about it?  I’m just one person.” take a look at what Shiva Bagheri has done.  Singlehandedly she has turned one of the most liberal, Democratic communities in the country into one of the nation’s most visible Republican hotspots.

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The Beverly Hills Freedom Rallies happen every Saturday at 3:00 PM in Beverly Gardens Park, at the Beverly Hills Sign.  Santa Monica Boulevard and Beverly Drive.

See our interview where #TruthMaverick John Strand talks with Shiva Bagheri about escaping Iran and the formation of the Beverly Hills Freedom Rallies below.

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