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MAGA Patriot Rally at Riley’s Farm

Hundreds of patriots made the drive up to Yucaipa California for a day long Patriot Party at Riley’s Farm.

Riley’s Farm was the perfect location for the gathering. The atmosphere at the farm is as if you have stepped back in time to 1776. It’s known for doing Historical Re-enactments of key events surround the founding of our country. The dwellings at the farm have been maintained in the old world tradition of that era.

Something is happening in America that has never happened in the history of this country.  The election has come and gone.  Yet people across the country are still gathering together and rallying in support of the President that is no longer in office.

This of course is driving the leftists – who want nothing more than to erase all memory of former President Donald Trump and to completely silence his voice – crazy.  

Rather than attempting to silence the movement, they’d be better served if they took a look at why it is happening.

America’s Constitution begins with the words We the People.  That is, the government works for the people.  It is to represent the people of the United States, not the special interests.  

America is the first country to recognize and respect the rights of each individual citizen regardless of race, creed, national origin, sex, personal beliefs or disability. This is something the Democratic Party as a whole, and most Republicans have chosen to forget.  

In Donald Trump the people found a man who by his actions showed he was putting what was best for the American people first.  Now the people are making it clear that we don’t intend to give up what he stood for.

Regardless of whether Trump runs for office again or not, the movement to save our county clearly won’t let up.  

For too long, Americans ignored it while our rights were being erased bit by bit.  In 2020 the powers that be overstepped their bounds too much.  It became too obvious that everything we hold dear was threatened.

The people have united.  We’re saying we love our country and the principals it was founded on.  We value our rights and our heritage.  We’re demanding honesty and integrity from those in pubic offices.  We’re demanding those in office remember that they work for us and we’re working to remove those that don’t.

A sleeping giant has been awakened and it won’t rest until America is once again the land of the free. 

Key speakers at the event included Kenny White, California Gubernatorial Candidate Laura Smith, Derrick Gates, Pastor Brian Hawkings, Kick Cunningham, the MAGA Hulk, California Gubernatorial Candidate Sarah Stephens, LEXIT VP Patricia Flores, and more.

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