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MAGA President’s Day Caravan Santa Monica to Malibu

A group of about 100 freedom loving Angelenos gathered in Santa Monica for a President’s Day car caravan up the coast highway to Malibu.

This wasn’t a celebration for our sitting President, but for the one that just stepped out of office. There were Trump is my President banners and Trump 2024 banners and lots of American Flags. I guess this is why Nancy Pelosi has been so determined to get rid of Trump one way or the other.

The people love him and Pelosi can’t stand it. I also suspect that she and her friends are terrified that if they don’t silence him once and for all their crimes will come out for the world to view.

As for Biden, there were plenty of banners for him too. But they either said Biden is Not My President, or demanded that Biden be subjected to what Pelosi does best… impeachment. He hasn’t won a lot of friends in his first weeks in office.

The MAGA movement has been seriously maligned in the media. People have been told to fear it, that they are terrorists, racists… you name it. And too many people believe it without ever looking at the movement or the people in it for themselves. On the flip side, we witnessed a summer of riots in every major city where buildings were burned, businesses were looted and people were injured were called “justified” and “peaceful.”

As one woman shouted out, “This isn’t about Trump honey.” It’s a movement of people that are held together in their belief that it was a miracle a country was formed that is governed by We the People. They are people that believe that once we have lost that, freedom for all is lost.

Our Constitution has been nearly shredded in the last year. Where the Bill of Rights guarantees the right to free speech, 2020 brought us an era where free speech is permitted only if it conforms with the politically correct narrative currently being pushed.

Our most basic of human rights, the right to work and earn a living was stolen from most Americans. Based on “science” that is shaky at best and changes with the winds of politics, Americans were adjudicated “essential” or “non–essential” and either allowed to work or not.

Twist it how you will, there is no faster way to enslave a population than to strip them of their ability to provide for themselves and force them to be dependent on the government. Truth be told, I believe that’s what 2020 has been all about.

While most American’s believe Pelosi’s time would have been better spent pushing through their stimulus checks instead of working to remove Trump using the 25th Amendment weeks before the voters would decide, or to attempt to impeach a President that is no longer President, the people at these rallies don’t want a handout. They simply want the right to open their businesses and earn a living. Somehow that makes them bad in the eyes of the media and those that believe what the mainstream media tells them to without inspecting it.

The MAGA President’s Day Rally was special. It was a statement that try as you might, you can’t steal our freedom. The rallies and voices for freedom won’t stop. Freedom belongs to everyone, regardless of race, religion, political affiliation or social station.

Or at least to those who are honest.

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