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Making the Most of Christmas 2020 Shopping Guide

Christmas 2020 promises to be different.  With many states implementing new Coronavirus lockdown orders, Black Friday shopping will for the most part occur online.  With social distancing it’s doubtful we will see a massive crowd of people wanting a fantastic deal on a big screen television mowing over the poor clerk that has to open the door at Best Buy.  We also won’t have the parades, tree lighting ceremonies and other public events that make it feel like Christmas. (We posted the video so you can see the Magic of Christmas in Los Angeles on other years!)

This isn’t  as much a Christmas shopping guide, as it is a collection of things for your home that will make the holidays still seem special.

Do What You Can to Make it Feel Like Christmas

Candlelight gives a warm homey feeling to a room and can help you bring in the spirit of Christmas.  Here are both some Christmas candles and some scented decorative candles to help you brighten up your holidays. Use the search box in the ads to find exactly what you want!

Some Christmas throw pillows can add a festive holiday feel to your house.  Here are some we recommend from Amazon.

Put up your Christmas tree early.  Find some unique ornaments, a tree skirt, some tinsel and candy canes.  Make it a family event to decorate it and have plenty of hot chocolate, marshmallows and Christmas treats on hand when you do!

Make an evening of it and build a gingerbread house with the kids while you’re at it.  They will love every minute of it!

And don’t forget to have Christmas stocking for everyone in the house and all of your guests that will drop by on Christmas Eve or Day.  Give them a special touch by stuffing them with homemade cookies, fudge or brownies nicely wrapped in tissue paper with a bow.

2020 has probably been the gloomiest year we have ever endured.  Make it brighter by decorating your yard too.  It will help get your neighbors in the Christmas spirit and they will thank you for it.

It’s been a tough year.  That doesn’t mean we have to let it ruin our holidays!  Have fun this Christmas.  Don’t be afraid to invite your friends and family over.  Heck, California Governor Gavin Newsom thought it was no problem to have a fancy dinner at the expensive French Laundry restaurant with a LOT of people indoors.  And Nancy Pelosi said it was “perfectly safe” to have a massive dinner for the entire House of Representatives.

Just use some common sense (i.e. if anyone thinks they might be sick or knows they have been exposed they should stay at home).

Happy Holidays!

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