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Man Who Escaped Communism Twice Warns the Same is Happening in the US

This is perhaps the most important video you can watch and share if you want to understand what is occurring in the United States in 2020.

#TruthMaverick John Strand interviews Hector Rodriguez who warns that the United States is in the midst of a communistic takeover.

Rodriguez escaped communism in Cuba by fleeing to Venezuela.  He arrived just in time for the Chavez Revolution, also known as the The Bolivarian Revolution, and the overthrow of the Venezuelan government.  He was again able to escape the specter of communism but warns that he sees the same sequence of events that led to communism currently playing out in the United States.

He warns of the “political gangs” that erupted in both countries and compares them to Antifa and BLM.  Also of the government taking the guns away from any citizens that owned them, the indoctrination of the young in schools and the prohibition of the right to worship under your own religion.

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