Marilyn Monroe Statue

Marilyn Monroe’s Statue Stolen From Four Ladies of Hollywood Gazebo

Marilyn Monroe Statue

The statue of Marilyn Monroe on top of the Four Ladies of Hollywood Gazebo was stolen yesterday, June 17th 2019.

Apparently the the was rather brazen about it too.  A witness said she saw a man climb to the top of the gazebo, whip out a hacksaw and saw the statue of Marilyn off.

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The Four Ladies of Hollywood Gazebo was commissioned in 1993 by the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency Art Program and created by the architect, production designer, and film director Catherine Hardwicke as a tribute to the multi-ethnic women of Hollywood.  The Gazebo marks the western entrance to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The structure is supported by the statues of four significant, multi-ethnic actresses in Hollywood: Brooklyn born multi-ethnic actress Mae West, the African-American actress Dorothy Dandridge, Asian-American actress Anna May Wong and Mexican actress Dolores del Río.  At the very top was a statue of Marilyn Monroe in her iconic billowing skirt pose.

Police are currently investigating the crime.

Fortunately, we took the time to video the Four Ladies of Hollywood Gazebo before Marilyn Monroe’s statue was stolen.  You can see it below.

Our own resident comic, Miss Kitty Fairlane was able to get a good look at Marilyn Monroe gracing the top of the gazebo before the crime.

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