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Marina del Rey California – Video

We’ve said quite a bit about Marina del Rey on Totally-LA.  After all it’s one of our favorite places.

When you cross the invisible line from Los Angeles into Marina del Rey you enter a new world.  The noise, traffic, hustle and hurry departs and is replaced by calm and beauty.  We wanted to show you the beauty of this beautiful and peaceful seaside town and the antics of some of the resident harbor seals with this video.

Note: we recommend that you don’t pull your boat up next to the seals like the guy with the iPhone is doing in the video.  They have been known to climb on top of boats and can capsize a small boat.  Also while seals are generally friendly, they can become aggressive when they feel threatened.

This was filmed from Burton Chace Park, a park surrounded on three sides by the marina.  You can also enjoy beautiful views of the marina from Fisherman’s Village.  The park lacks the activities you will find at Fisherman’s Village, but it more than makes up for it in the beautiful views and peaceful surroundings.  It’s a great place to recharge your soul.  See our earlier post for all of the fun things to do in Marina del Rey.

Photos after the break….

Harbor seals
A baby seal pup interacting with the other seals on a dock in the harbor at a tropical resort
Marina del Rey
Marina del Rey
A baby seal pup fighting with another seal on the docks at a tropical resort

A travel and tourism video produced by Mark Stout Photography for Totally LA.

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