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Marina Del Rey Holiday Boat Parade Cancelled for 2020 But You Can Watch Video

One of the most beautiful holiday experiences the the Marina Del Rey Holiday Boat Parade and fireworks show.  Unfortunately, like most events that gather crowds, it’s been cancelled for 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.  But you can still see the beauty of the holiday event in the video we shot of it last year above and of the fireworks display that happen at both the boat parade and on New Year’s Eve (which we suspect has also been cancelled) lower in this post.

The Marina Del Rey boat parade actually dates back to 1963.  This is the first time in 57 years there hasn’t been a holiday boat parade in the beautiful harbor.

Back in ’63, the harbor had only about 100 boats. It was unprotected and large waves would surge in at times and damage the boats.  The boat parade was created as a means of drawing attention to the marina before it became the well known tourist attraction that it is today.

Only about 20 of the boats participated in the first parade. But it kept happening year after year.  On a couple of occasions a floating Christmas tree with lights powered by a generator floated in the harbor.

In 1964 a breakwater was built to solve the problem with the large waves.  The marina has grown from about 100 boats and only one restaurant to 6000 boats and banks lined with fine restaurants and shops.  The marina nobody wanted to go to in 1963 has become one of the top tourist attractions in the Los Angeles area.

The Marina Del Rey Holiday Boat Parade which usually happens in the first part of December draws thousands of people each year.  The loss of this holiday event that brought so much beauty and joy to so many due to the pandemic is sad indeed.

Take a moment to enjoy the video of the Marina Del Rey Holiday Boat Parade we shot last year.  Bookmark it to watch on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It isn’t as much fun as going there in person, but it will help you enjoy the holiday spirt with your family.

Be sure to see the Marina Del Rey fireworks video below the break.

Happy holidays.  We wish you happier days in 2021!

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