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Meet Angelyne, The Legend in the Pink Corvette


In the last few days I showed you the historic Outpost Building, then later Angelyne’s office within that building on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  I promised to show you what I was doing.

Promise kept.  Above is a very rare photo in which Angelyne has shown her face (she normally keeps it hidden behind a fan).  Below is the video from What’s Cookin’ With Sham that featured the billboard queen as a guest.

I’m always surprised when you take time to look at something just how much is there.  Angelyne is not just the woman on the billboards and in the pink Corvette.  She is in fact a Hollywood legend and that legend has spanned decades.

While waiting for Sham and Angelyne to arrive, I had time to chat informally with her office manager, Scott.  He showed me the cutouts from the old, hand painted billboards (yes, they used to hand paint billboards!).   The print magazines she had appeared in and ones she had produced for herself.  Everywhere I looked was a piece of memorabilia. He showed me her CDs, and told me of the films she was in.  And yes, while Angelyne is famous for being famous, she is also a singer and actress.

Angelyne is very much part of the color, glitter and spice that makes Hollywood Hollywood.  And I honestly think one of the next stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame should bear her name.

Please enjoy this video, where two long term friends get together and cook up a potion for world health and prosperity.


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