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Funny Videos: Miss Kitty Fairlane at Pink’s Hot Dogs

Horns start honking when Miss Kitty Fairlane takes us to the famous Pink’s Hot Dogs. Maybe it’s because she is wearing only that revealing pink negligee. Or possibly it was when she discovered Pink’s had put a stripper pole beside the hot dog stand for her. And there is the way she eats that hot dog!

She looks so at home out there in her pink negligee that we suspect Pink’s is going to hire Miss Kitty for their next ad campaign!

Enjoy some good clean sexy comedy as Miss Kitty Fairlane struts her stuff at Pink’s. And be sure to keep your eyes open when you are out and about in LA. You never know where Mis Kitty’s hilarious crazy antics will be attracting a crowd next!

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Starring Joyce Westergaard as Miss Kitty Fairlane:

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Miss Kitty Fairlane tries out the stripper pole in front of Pinks
la comedy
Miss Kitty thought it was nice for Pink’s to put out a pink trash can for her.
Miss kitty airline
What do you think. Should Pink’s start using Miss Kitty Fairlane as their spokesperson?
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