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Miss Kitty Fairlane at the Brady Bunch House Before HGTV Bought It

HGTV and Lance Bass weren’t the only people oogling over the Brady Bunch House when it went on the market.  Our Miss Kitty Fairlane stopped by to check out the beloved house too!

NSYNC singer Lance Bass thought he landed the winning bid on the house and announced it proudly on social media… only to learn that HGTV had topped his bid.  Unfortunately, as a starving actress, Miss Kitty couldn’t match the bids and wasn’t even in the running.

But she did take time to give you an informative history of the house in her own special way that you can watch in the short video above.  We’re glad she did it.

As for the house, HGTV brought in the original cast of the Brady Bunch and they set about doing what they do best.  Renovating the house to become exactly like the house in the television series that aired from 1969 to 1974.  For those that don’t know, the house was only used in exterior shots.  The interior shots were all done in a sound studio not too far away.

Using the extensive photos and footage from the Brady Bunch television series, the cast set to work locating furnishings, wall art, rugs etc that heralded back to the seventies and looked exactly like what was in the “house” used in the show.  They also teamed up with some of HGTV’s top design talent:

They also did extensive remodeling, adding a second story (I believe) and more to make it just like the television show.

That work has become the subject of a new series that will be airing on HGTV this September 9th called A Very Brady Renovtion.  Among the cast that will be in the new series are Maureen McCormick who played Marcia Brady and also considered buying the house until the price hit over $3 million, Christopher Knight who played Peter Brady, Mike Lookinland who played Bobby Brady and Susan Olsen who played Cindy Brady.  The cast is teaming up with some of HGTV’s design talent including Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan, Leanne and Steve Ford, Mina and Karen of Good Bones, Lara Spencer and Jasmine Roth to create the interior that once existed in a studio in the house that served as its exterior.

If you want to find info on the new show and the Brady Bunch House on Instagram check out these hashtags:

#HGTV #averybradyrenovation #propertybrothers #hgtvdrewandscott #bradybunch #bradybunchhousebefore #bradybunchhouseafter 

You might also want to take a shot at winning $25,000 and a chance to stay in the Brady Bunch House in HGTV’s contest.


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