Miss Kitty Fairlane Show

Miss Kitty Fairlane at the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

Join Miss Kitty Fairlane as she takes you to the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride for some good spooky fun.

As if the Haunted Hayride isn’t spooky enough, rain, lightning and thunder added to the ghosts, monsters and scary people hanging about.  It is also held in the most haunted location in Los Angeles, the old Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park.   But Miss Kitty Fairlane isn’t afraid.  At least not too much!

Miss Kitty tells you to confront your fears, interviews the spooks and gets a psychic reading from her “personal” psychic She She (Sheila O’Donnell) where she learns fascinating things that her acting career and love life hold in store for her. (No Grammies for Miss Kitty I’m sorry to say!)

Enjoy this funny video and be sure to stop by the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride.  It’s THE Halloween event of the city.  The Haunted Hayride begins every evening at 7:00 through the end of October.  For tickets and more information visit the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride website.

To get your own personal divine guidance reading from She She O’Donnell, visit her website.

Be sure to check out our post on where you can find real ghosts in Los Angeles and do some ghost busting for Halloween.

Starring Joyce Westergaard as Miss Kitty Fairlane: http://www.misskittyproductions.com/

Produced by http://markstoutphotography.com

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