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Miss Kitty in LA: The Brady Bunch House

Enjoy some laughs when Miss Kitty Fairlane takes you back in Hollywood history to the home of The Brady Bunch from the hit television series of the same name.   Brady Bunch Ho;use The Brady Bunch house is the second most famous and photographed house in the United States.  It’s surpassed in fame only by the White House.

At least that is what the current owners of the house say.

Always on the quest for the big part and stardom, Miss Kitty Fairlane performs a cute rendition of the Brady Bunch theme song.  And, when she can keep her balance long enough to complete a sentence, she tells you about the house in a way only Miss Kitty can do!

Watch our latest comedy video featuring the Brady Bunch House and read our earlier post on the Brady Bunch House to find out how you can live in the Brady Bunch House!  Yep! The Brady Bunch House is for sale.  You’ll just have to outbid former NSYNC star, Lance Bass and Miley Cyrus.

If you are visiting Los Angeles, taking a peek at The Brady Bunch is a must for your things to do in Los Angeles bucket list. The same goes for native Angelenos.

It’s located at Located at 11222 Dilling Street in Studio City.

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Starring: Joyce Westergaard as Miss Kitty Fairlane http://www.misskittyproductions.com/
Produced by Mark Stout: http://markstoutphotography.com.

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Brady Bunch
Miss Kitty Fairlane performing at The Brady Bunch House


Brady Bunch House

Brady Bunch House
Miss Kitty Fairlane in front of the Brady Bunch House

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